AndroidChat Weekly 3

The war wages on in Apple vs. the FBI, Android Studio 2.1 now in canary, reflecting on 10 years of LinkedIn and more.

AndroidChat Weekly 2

AndroidChat celebrates its 2000th member, a few great tips to help you with your layouts and is Apple likely to be fined for protecting user data?

AndroidChat Weekly 1

AndroidChat is a fantastic community of almost 2000 developers with a love of all things code. It’s a fantastic place to go to for help, advice or just to slack off a casual conversation during the work day. A lot of content gets shared; sometimes related to trending topics such as code and policy, and other times just helpful tips, tricks and resource.

Open letter to European Commission

Dear European Commission,The pace of technological change is astounding, particularly in mobile. And yet many have noticed it is much slower in the EU than in the rest of the world. The reason for this is, in part, the fragmented market you are looking to unify.Although the intentions behind the Digital Single Market (DSM) proposal are great, some ideas are poised to do more harm than good to both service providers and their customers.

Welcome to AndroidChat!

I would like to introduce everyone to the new AndroidChat website and perspective we at AndroidChat are taking. The new website opens the doors for people interested in sharing their experience with development or IT entrepreneurship. Many of us at AndroidChat have the urge to start our own blog, but don’t want to leave our readers hanging when we cannot keep the content flowing. We aim for this blog to be community-driven and hope to have some great authors and developers come forward.

AndroidChat is an open community with a Slack team open to everyone. A place where every developer, idealist, entrepreneur or geek is welcome to share their ideas, questions and successes. Everyone can submit a blog post to the website via Github because we know everyone sometimes has an idea for a blogpost, but can’t keep the content flowing. We aim with the AndroidChat blog to enable these people to share their knowledge with the community.

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