The war wages on in Apple vs. the FBI, Android Studio 2.1 now in canary, reflecting on 10 years of LinkedIn and more.

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The ongoing issue of encryption seems particularly acute at the State Department and the Commerce Department, both of which have their own sets of concerns.

While the Apple vs FBI court battle has drawn all eyes to the question of what should be considered ‘reasonable assistance’ for companies to provide law enforcement agencies, over in the UK the government is attempting to enshrine in law surveillance capabilities that would enable state agencies to compel even very small startups to bake insecurities into their systems in order to be able to hack users on demand.

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You can now declare dependencies to be used only at compile time in conjunction with the Java plugin. Compile only dependencies are used only during source compilation and are not included in the runtime classpath or exposed to dependent projects.

Android Studio 2.1 (canary channel) is a minor update to Android Studio 2.0 (beta channel) that includes changes to improve support for Java 8 and the new Jack compiler.

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Intercom is one place for every team in an internet business to communicate with customers, personally, at scale—on your website, inside web and mobile apps, and by email.

AndEngine is a broad 2D game engine which allows game developers, both experienced and inexperienced, to develop games for the Android platform with ease. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though. As easy as it is to “pick up and go,” AndEngine includes enough functionality to bring any type of 2D game world to life.

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Simple Preference is a SharedPreferences Manager generator. The library generates code for managing SharedPreferences at compile time with an annotation processor. So you don’t need to manage SharedPreferences’ key strings by hand anymore.

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I just noticed on my LinkedIn account page that I’ve been a member of LinkedIn since February 28, 2006. This is almost exactly 10 years ago, and back when it was invite-only. I figured this is a nice time to reflect on the giant heap of trash it has become.

TL;DR: Pretty unique info about Rx that you won’t usually hear on regular talks about RxJava/Reactive Extensions. Also: A little bit about Reactive Streams, JDK 9 Flow API and RxJava v2 (and compatibility with Android).

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